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Let Your Kids Be Kids

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When a parent comes into a martial arts school to ask about lessons for their child and begins to rattle off how many activities they’re in and looking to add more, the coach/instructor knows that they probably won’t be in their classes for long and never have a passion for martial arts. We live in a society where people add unnecessary stress to their lives, when they don’t need it never taking the time to destress and relax. For kids, having an overly busy schedule of different activities without letting them have the freedom to relax and be kids can lead to them to gain unnecessary stress and hurt their development.

Over Parenting 

Parents want to give their kids the best possible chance to succeed and life, but sometimes go overboard and think they need to fill their kid’s schedules with activities. This not only can fill the kids with stress and anxiety, but also the family, who now have to revolve all their time and resources around an activity nearly every day of the week. The stress of doing so many things isn’t healthy and will leave them so tired that they won’t want to do anything.

Do they Like it?

Sometimes parents rush to put their kids in so many things, they don’t stop to think if they even actually like the activity? A kid should be able to choose what they want to participate in based on if they enjoy it or not. If they aren’t having fun, they aren’t going to be interested in what they’re in and is wasting their time. Kids come and go from martial arts classes all the time, because they get so busy with other things or get to a point to where they sadly lose their passion.

Free Time

While it is good for kids to be apart of something like a Martial Arts class, they also need that free time to relax and be a kid. Being a kid is the best part of life and is something parents always need to remember. It’s where they make the most memorable moments of their lives doing things like going to the beach, playing games, or just hanging out with their parents watching a movie. Getting the time to relax, have fun, and not worry about anything is what makes it so great being a kid.

The best students in a martial arts school are the ones that are their, because they love it and are having fun. Parents just need to remember that for their kids to be at their best, they need minimal stress, given free time, and have the ability to choose what they like doing, so they can grow a passion for it.

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