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Boxing is a combat sport renowned for its development of cardiovascular fitness, speed, agility and
coordination. It utilises footwork, defensive and offensive movements and suitable for all fitness levels, ages, and body type.

ACSA is the number one destination for Boxing in Melbourne. Our classes are fun, friendly and welcoming to everyone of all fitness levels and experience. We place a strong emphasis on technique and being able to perform things correctly and safely.

What to expect in our Boxing classes.

  • – A welcoming environment that promotes personal development.
  • – Our classes are structured and technique focused.
  • – Learn how to perform things correctly in a encouraging environment.
  • – A safe, fun and supportive environment.
  • – Our classes focus on developing life long Martial Artists.

Is Boxing suitable for beginners?

YES! Boxing is ideal for complete beginners wanting to learn a new skill while getting fit. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, body types, and ages. Every session is fun and engaging and you’ll leave feeling more confident and great.

We even offer a 2 week absolute beginner course for people who have done ZERO boxing before. Classes are on Tuesday 7:15pm and Thursday 6:00pm. You’ll meet some new friends and it’s the best way to get started for beginners.

You get 2 weeks of classes, Singlet, and Boxing gloves all for only $47 ($197 in value)

How we are different from other Boxing gyms?

At ACSA we offer a unique way of training Boxing in Melbourne. We have a developed a systemised and structured approach to
coaching that ensures all our members constantly develop and evolve

We won’t just throw you onto a punch bag and expect you to know everything. We’ll
teach you how to do things properly and you’ll also get a great work out from it!

Benefits of Boxing.

Contact us today to get started in Boxing.

If you are a complete beginner or someone who has trained before then contact us today and we can get you started training Muay Thai today.

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