I started training around a year ago after a period of no activity. Within 3 months I had lost the beer belly and saw my fitness increase massively. It also gave me new goals, to get fitter and better. I also made a whole load of new friends and feel a real team atmosphere in the gym. The encouragement you get is great, a place that makes you want to train.

Neil Allen – Business Analyst

Since training at Nemesis I have become fitter, stronger and faster than ever. All my skill sets have improved dramatically and I feel like i am now quite handy!

Thomas ‘Road Rage’ Ruderman – Mechanical Engineer

I’ve trained at several gyms around the world, and the level of teaching at Team Nemesis is at the top of the tree: All the techniques get broken down expertly in an easy to understand way. They also play good training music…

Jeremy Dooley – Strength & Conditioning Coach

It’s hard to find a gym as welcoming, encouraging and disciplined as Team Nemesis. Training for little over a year, I have conquered my battle with weight, progressed as a fighter and improved my attitude to life in general. There is a strong focus on the fundamentals of technique and fitness where a lot of other gyms overlook. Great coaches, great people and a great gym!

Majed Issa – Catering Industry

Team nemesis is the best club I’ve trained at ,Denis and Phil are brilliant coaches who take the time to explain everything ,since joining I’ve built an addiction to MMA ,I’ve also made new friends who take the time to explain drills and skills to me ,the great vibe is the same all the way through the week no matter what class is on ,I give team nemesis a big 10/10.

Paul Cronin – Carpenter

I started at Team Nemesis at 95kgs now weighing at around 80kgs I feel like all my skills like agility, speed, power, fitness and definitely my confidence have increased by 100000% of what I used to be like. The reason I love training here is the positive vibe I get as soon as I walk into the doors of warehouse number 5, the motivation you get from other people and definitely the coaches. The coaches have a strong friendship with everyone and that’s what you need to make a perfect gym. I haven’t trained at any other gym before but believe this is the right place for me.

Jake Tham – Student

I started training at nemesis after I stopped playing football, little did I know how much I would end up loving BJJ. There are no egos and everybody is there to learn and help each other, I went in not knowing anyone at the club and here I am 5 months later with a whole group of new mates. Team nemesis two thumbs up.

Jordan Lee Brown – Electrician

I started with nemesis almost two years ago now, i started up because I was interested in the sport and because i didn’t want to always go home an angry kid. Denis and Phil have taught me everything i know to this day and have given me the opportunity to fight for the team. My goals get bigger after every one of my fights and I know as long as Phil and Denis got my back I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I feel Team Nemesis is my home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, thank you

Jordan Lucas – Construction

I have trained with many of the sport’s top guys and at many of the top gyms from the UK, Asia to USA and tucked away in Melbourne is a hidden MMA hub thriving at Team Nemesis. After 2 training visits I have made great friends who are all like family to me. Denis’s MMA knowledge is second to none. Phils Muay Thai and stand-up understanding of the game is also second to none. Together combined the experience and first hand real combat experience of both coaches makes for a formidable combination.

I know if a fighter is coming out of team nemesis they will always be 100% prepared for any battle they will embark on. The students, whether casual to fighter are all a great bunch of people, showing all qualities of TRUE martial artists. Humbleness, hard-work and respect is always in abundance. The camaraderie of the students and coaches is something not very often seen in other gyms. I guess to sum it up, the great thing about team nemesis is that it’s more of a family where the coaches genuinely care about the students and will do the best they can to ensure students reach whatever goal they’ve set.

Romel Luistro – Security Industry

Whilst on an adventure to secure cold ale at a local drinking establishment I saw a flyer for Nemesis. Reasoning it was time to get fit I emailed the gym and headed down. I’m now 8kgs lighter, know a stack of great people and have some cool shorts. There’s no ego, so beginners don’t be afraid. Forget fad diets and ridiculous home gym machines. Get yourself to a real MMA gym that trains real fighters. And also trains unfit 30 plus social drinkers.

Liam O’Mara – Sales Manager

There are so many AMAZING things about Team Nemesis, like the feeling that you are part of a family not just a team, the many fantastic seminars that have been organised, the Lilydale fight days that we always have fun at, or the fact that we produce fighters with solid foundations, and the dedicated and fun work ethic Denis and Phil inspire in us on a daily basis. These two coaches have grown Team Nemesis into an amazing place to train and develop as a martial artist, I don’t think I could train anywhere else, I would feel like I was missing out.

Eddy Urias – Product Designer

When I moved back to Melbourne last year, I was searching for a professional mixed martial arts club with experienced instructors. At Team Nemesis I found what I was looking for. Phil and Denis provide exceptional instruction for both the beginner and experienced martial artist. Having trained at, and worked with, martial arts clubs throughout Australia over many years, I can honestly say that the instruction and training at Team Nemesis is second to none.

Quan Dang – Physiotherapist

I’ve been to a number of commercial gyms, but all they seemed to offer was fitness kickboxing type classes. I wanted to learn some real technique for fitness and self-defence purposes. The trainers down at Team Nemesis are great! They demonstrate, explain and help you perform the techniques and combinations. They are approachable, friendly and a really know how to make you feel welcome. I thought I would be the only female in the class, but there are a number of girls that train. It’s a great family like atmosphere.

Loan Nguyen – Operations Supervisor

I used to play soccer at a state level, and decided to check out Team Nemesis with some of my mates. I only wanted to do it for a bit of fun. Since walking through those doors 3 months ago, I’ve never looked back. We have a great time down at the gym, and it’s a great bunch of people. Sometimes after a hard day at University, all I can look forward too is going to training! I love the MMA. Denis is a great MMA coach. He explains everything clearly until the entire class understands. He is patient and always has time for me if I can’t perform something properly.

Anthony Fogas – Student

The routine and discipline I’ve gained from getting down to the gym most nights after work and the satisfaction from realising my improvements have been awesome. Phil and Denis and the guys at the gym are a pleasure to train with!

Bill Arwas – Construction Industry

Having trained at Team Nemesis for a little over a year now, without a doubt the best part of the gym are the people inside it, both the coaches and the training partners. Denis and Phil are both highly experienced and skilled trainers, but just as importantly they genuinely love to teach and clearly enjoy spending time with their students from the very beginners to the experienced fighters.

At too many gyms the trainers are only interested in taking care of their ‘star’s and will neglect the beginners or novices, even though these are the students who need the most guidance. Not so the case at team nemesis where every member is taken care of and welcomed into the family. This mindset is passed on in turn to the members, leading to great training partners with no egos or judgmental attitudes. No better place to train in Melbourne!

Michael Quirk – Retail Industry

I came to Australia one year ago without knowing anyone. I joined Team Nemesis and found a second family. The coaches, the fighters, the atmosphere are everything I was looking for; they helped me improve and made me feel like home from the first day.

Fotis Thomaidis – IT Technician

As soon as I first joined Nemesis I felt like I was part of the club, the encouragement to train made me more determined to go harder and train more often. Denis and Phil are always happy to work on my weaknesses and break down my Jiu Jitsu so I can understand the way each step of the move works and why. You can’t use a move if you don’t understand what the move does so thanks guys, this works for me.

Tuncay Alpaslan – Carpenter

At first I wanted to start training MMA as some extra conditioning but after meeting with Denis and discussing what nemesis could offer I was hooked and wanting to learn and train as much as I could. Denis and the team at nemesis went over and above to help me improve and learn the sport of MMA by creating an inviting and positive atmosphere that’s caters for people of any level and ability. I’d like to thank Denis and the team for helping me with my football career. I’ll be down at nemesis whenever I can. I couldn’t recommend a better gym to train at.

Hal Hunter – Essendon Football Club

I began training with Team Nemesis during their early days in North Melbourne. Since then, Denis and Phil have moved and expanded the gym and team. The atmosphere remains the same and the members are fantastic and that is why I am still with them today. I was transformed from a 50kg kid into a 65kg man.

William Luu – W.L. Fight Photography

I walked into Team Nemesis early in 2009. Like a lot of people I did Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid but that was a long time ago and MMA and BJJ was all new to me and I was a complete beginner. I had looked around a few other prominent gyms in Melbourne before going to Team Nemesis but once I did my first class with Denis and Phil the choice was easy. My goals were just to learn some techniques, have some fun and try something new.

With Denis and Phil’s passion for the sport, instructional skills, coaching ability and the way they are able adapt their teachings to every skill level in the class I found myself learning and improving faster than I thought possible. After seeing other members of the Team as well as Both Denis and Phil competing I too grew the desire to compete. Over the next few years I went on to compete in BJJ, amateur and pro MMA. I was always in good shape and well prepared for each bout due to Denis and Phil’s dedication and Team spirit. Whether it was coming in early on their own time to run my conditioning, making sure every detail of my fight camp was planned out, even making weight with me and taking me to and from weigh ins and fights, almost all of which was done in their own time out of the goodness of their heart and the desire to see their students succeed.

In 2010 I trained overseas for a long period of time and ended up fighting in Singapore, Phil even flew himself over, helped me make weight, warm up pre fight and was there with me every step of the way. If you look at any of the Team photos regardless of the fight/competition you will see we fight as a Team there is always heaps of people there to support you and cheer you on which is a direct reflection on Denis and Phil’s dedication and Team spirit which they instill in all there members. Regardless if your desire is to fight, learn a new skill or just work out in a positive environment Team Nemesis is the gym for you.

Brayden Summers – Australian Military

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