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Advice for MMA Fighters

MMA Padwork

Be Consistent – Forget about ‘Fight Camps’. Train consistently at the same classes and sessions every week. Don’t train hard for a few months and then drop-off for weeks at a time. Early in your career, you need to be ready to fight all the time, often at short notice. If you arent staying ready you’ll miss out on […]

How to get your BJJ Blue Belt

One common problem for new Brazilian JiuJitsu students is understanding how to get promoted to the next belt. Asking what you need to do is frowned upon and the usual advice is ‘Just keep training and don’t worry about the belts’ or ‘You’ll get the belt when you’re ready for it’. This isn’t useful advice. […]

Unlocking Progress: Overcoming Muay Thai Plateaus

In the journey of Muay Thai, plateaus are inevitable. They’re the moments where progress seems to stall, motivation wanes, and challenges loom large. Yet, it’s precisely during these times that we have the opportunity to grow and evolve as martial artists. Here’s how to overcome common plateaus and reignite your passion for the sport: Reflecting […]

Is it harder to get a BJJ black belt now than it was 20 years ago?

BJJ Black Belt

Today’s top BJJ competitors would be able to beat those of two decades ago, especially under BJJ or grappling rules. It’s a natural progression, much like how any sport evolves. Today’s sprinters run faster than those from half a century ago. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harder for the average student to become a […]

Unlocking the Muay Thai Experience: Your Comprehensive Guide for Beginners in Thornbury

Embarking on a Muay Thai journey is more than a fitness pursuit – it’s a transformative venture fostering mental resilience, discipline, and community. If you’re a Thornbury resident ready to kickstart your Muay Thai adventure, ACSA Melbourne is your ideal launchpad. Understanding the Basics: As newcomers may feel overwhelmed in a new martial arts class, […]

Maximizing Your Muay Thai Journey: The Art of Controlled Sparring

Welcome to Australian Combat Sports Academy Melbourne’s top Muay Thai destination. Let’s delve into the essential role of controlled sparring – a key ingredient for your growth in the sport. Sparring is one of the most important learning tools of Muay Thai but it needs to be done properly. Controlled Sparring: Precision Meets Safety Safety […]

The reality of being an MMA Fighter

MMA Padwork

As an MMA Fighter, coach (and now as a promoter) you encounter many aspiring fighters who say they will do whatever it takes to achieve success in the fight game but what they really mean is they just want to do it if it’s going to be fun and easy and they can win all […]