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Consistency—Why Is It so Important in Muay Thai?

Some of the world’s greatest mixed martial artists practice Muay Thai. So, with the rising popularity of the UFC came the subsequent increase in public interest in Thai fighting system.

Nak Muays in the mainstream media perfectly executed lethal strikes and showed off spectacular performances worthy of the highlight reel. They wowed the world with their unmatched intensity. At that point, it was only a matter of time before numerous Muay Thai gyms popped up across the globe.

Muay Thai has become a popular hobby and fitness activity across the world. However, in Thailand, it’s more than just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. But whether you’re a casual practitioner or an enthusiast looking to go deeper into the roots of Muay Thai, there is one truth that applies to any goal: 

Consistency is key.

Muay Thai in its traditional setting

Muay Thai remains an integral component of the heritage and culture of the Thai people. It originated from the ancient battlefield tactics of Thai warriors from ages ago. 

There are three aspects in the philosophy of Muay Thai: mind, body, and spirit. A nak muay can maximize their combat potential only when all three are in sync. 

  • The body is trained to be fast and agile with explosive strength. 
  • And the mind must be sharp enough to understand and execute techniques and strategies to overcome the adversary.
  • The spirit is responsible for the significant amount of dedication to go back to the gym day after day, even when it’s hard—this is consistency.

The synchronicity of all three produces a well-rounded nak muay—one that is dedicated enough to sharpen the mind and simultaneously strengthen the body so they can work together in harmony. 

It’s not that you won’t get strong if you have only two out of these three. But will you be able to maximize your potential? The answer, of course, is no.

Muay Thai in the western world

The spirit cultivated in traditional Muay Thai would be more aptly described as determination by the less philosophical ones. Determination drives consistency. No matter what goal you have in Muay Thai, you won’t get anywhere without the determination to be consistent in your training. 

The non-traditional setting of Muay Thai positions it as less of a lifestyle and more of a sport. That is to say that for most of the western world, there are two main reasons why people go into Muay Thai:

  • They are interested in training to compete, either as a hobby or professionally.
  • Training brings a host of functional health benefits. 

You can reap numerous benefits from Muay Thai, but they’re not something that you can get from just a few sessions of training. Whether it’s skills or fitness that you’re after, you’ll have to come in day after day, even when it’s hard. 

In a nutshell

Being motivated is easy. It’s a burst of energy and concentrated interest that keeps you moving forward for now. But it is finite, so you need a backup plan for when it runs out. Consistency is about repetition and creating a habit or a routine out of something. Whether you want to compete, you’re trying to get fit, or you want to live a more philosophical lifestyle, the magic lies in the process.

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