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Advice for BJJ White Belts

White belt is the make or break stage in your Martial Arts journey. BJJ has a very high drop off rate and the majority of people who begin training don’t make it past the three month mark. There are a variety of reasons for this but quite commonly students quit because they feel they are […]

5 motivational tips to train Martial Arts over the Christmas period

Christmas is upon us and as the festivities and drinks are flowing, our training usually takes a back seat. Gyms start to get quieter as peoples social calendars begin to fill up with work Christmas events, family parties, and end of year drinks. Here are some sure fire ways to keep you motivated over the […]

Long term athlete development and learning progression in combat sports

The old way of doing things in combat sports especially the striking arts of boxing and Muay Thai has been to skip, hit bags, hit pads, hit people, and do a few hundred push ups and sit-ups. They’ve done it for centuries so it must be best practice? Not necessarily. Too much open ended training […]

How to keep training during the cold winter months

It’s been another freezing cold day and you just got home from a hard day at work. Your mind starts to wonder what you are going to have for dinner and how good its going to be to lie down in your cozy bed. Oh wait… you still have to go training. The inner dialogue […]

Why you will probably quit Muay Thai

You’ve seen it on the Internet and you have a few friends who have also started training, you might even know a friend of a friend who is a Muay Thai champion. You’ve always wanted to try it out so you decide to make some calls and look for a Muay Thai school. You find […]

My Jiu Jitsu class format

I began teaching jiu jitsu full time eight years ago and I’ve been experimenting with various methods of running classes ever since. Tweaking the formats to see what works best. I have trained at a lot of different BJJ academies across the world and I have tried to implement the best ideas I’ve come across […]

Hiroyuki Abe and Carlson Gracie heading to ACSA

We have two exciting seminars coming up at our gym over the next couple of weeks. Hiroyuki Abe We will be hosting Japanese MMA and Grappling Legend Hiroyuki Abe on Saturday 17th February at 11am. Hiroyuki Abe is a one of the top MMA and Grappling Coaches in Japan and has fought extensively in the […]