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The reality of being an MMA Fighter

MMA Padwork
MMA Padwork
MMA Amateur World Champion Annie Thatcher preparing for a fight with MMA Coach Denis Kelly

As an MMA Fighter, coach (and now as a promoter) you encounter many aspiring fighters who say they will do whatever it takes to achieve success in the fight game but what they really mean is they just want to do it if it’s going to be fun and easy and they can win all the time.

The reality is if you want to get to the top levels in this sport or any sport it’s going to be very tough and also you have to be comfortable with the fact that you aren’t going to win all the time.
The challenges and fear of losing cause many fighters to back out or find excuses when faced with a bigger challenge or even worse waste the most important years of their fight career building an undefeated record against hand-picked opponents rather than actually testing themselves and fighting the best competition available.
If you want to achieve greatness and be regarded as a great fighter you need to compete against other great fighters and with this will always come the risk of losing but it’s how you deal with these losses that make the difference.
Coaches in Thailand would always ask new western fighters about their fight record but were always more interested in the losses than wins. If a fighter had no losses on their record they couldn’t take them seriously because they knew they haven’t really been tested.
In the early days of MMA it was possible to build undefeated records but now I think the sport has reached a new level of maturity.
Everyone all over the world now has access to the same knowledge, information and training methods and it has created an even playing field. This means that anyone can lose no matter how good they are. I think this will create a much healthier career path for fighters. Take the challenging fights to grow in experience and skills rather than padding your record and then getting exposed when you reach the big show.

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