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Advice for BJJ Competitors

Advice for BJJ Competitors
1 – Mental Skills. Don’t overthink it. It’s pyjama wrestling. Look at BJJ competition as an opportunity to improve your skills. Nobody will really care if you win or lose.
2 – Don’t give yourself any excuses. The other guy was too heavy. He’d been training longer than me. My neck is hurting, I’m going to wait until I’ve trained a few more weeks, months years. it all doesn’t matter. None of those excuses are going to help you improve your bjj so they’re all irrelevant.
3 – Give yourself the best chance of success my making sure you’re in the correct weight & age division. Sometimes you want to challenge yourself by competing against higher belts etc but to start off with let’s focus on winning matches against equally matched opponents.
4 – Have a gameplan. You don’t need to know 100s of different techniques and intricacies of each one. What you need is one takedown to start off the match. One guard pass. One attack from Guard and one attack from a dominant position. You also need to be confident that you can escape from bad positions against similar weight and belt level opponents and are able to maintain guard. That’s it. You need to be able to pull off those techniques consistently in training in the weeks leading up to the competition. Focus on the high percentage stuff we learn in class and forget the YouTube techniques.
5 – Make sure you’re Fit. You don’t need to follow a complicated program. A few times a week jump on a treadmill, rower or bike and make yourself exhausted. Get used to the feeling of being exhausted and get used to working through it.
If you do these 5 things you’ll win. If you don’t you won’t win.

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