What is the ACSA Fight Team Trial:
The ACSA Fight team trials are the first step in your fight career and in representing our team in Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA at Amateur or Professional Level.The trial is a tough session pushing your physical and mental limit. 

It is a test of fitness, mental toughness, team work, technical ability, and much more.

At ACSA we take Combat Sports competition very seriously. We don’t allow just anyone to compete and represent our team.

We have high standards of training and preparation and we ensure all our fighters are 100% prepared before they step into the cage or ring.

We are committed to working with the best.

We need to ensure that the fighters we select will be willing to put in the same level of commitment to their coaches and team mates.

If you are serious about taking your fight career to the next level please fill out the application form.


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