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Why join our Women’s Muay Thai classes?

If you’ve always wanted to learn Muay Thai in Melbourne and didn’t know where to get started
then our Women’s Classes are the way to go. It’s a beginner level adult class for women new to
Muay Thai to learn and grow in a supportive, fun and welcoming environment.

Our classes are structured and guided by our female coach. You will not only learn the
fundamentals and basics but lean up and tone up while learning self defence skills.

Things you need to know before starting

  • – You don’t need to be fit to start. We all develop and improve at different paces and that’s ok!
  • – You don’t need to be coordinated to start. Martial Arts develops those skills.
  • – Our women’s classes are a beginner level class to teach women the fundamentals and basics to Muay Thai and Martial Arts
  • – You will be surrounded by a like minded group of other Women

What to expect in our Women’s Muay Thai classes?

  • – A structured and guided class where you will learn how to perform the basics properly.
  • – A welcoming a supportive environment that promotes personal development.
  • – A great workout where you will be pushed to challenge yourself.
  • – Our classes focus on developing life long Martial Artists.

Benefits of Muay Thai

  • – Weight Loss : You will burn between 700-1000 calories during each session
  • – Tone up and lean up
  • – Increased core strength and overall physical strength
  • – Increased flexibility
  • – Increased energy levels throughout the entire day
  • – Learn some self defence skills while you are getting fit

How to get started

If you’ve always wanted to learn Muay Thai and get fit but didn’t know where to start then
this is how. Book in for our 2 week trial offer. It includes 2 weeks of Women’s classes &
gloves. Only $27 (normally valued at $100)

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