Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art focused on grappling and ground fighting. It was developed by the Gracie family in Brazil by blending Judo with other forms of self defence.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an ideal martial art because it teaches a smaller person to use leverage and proper technique to gain an advantage over a larger opponent. At ACSA we run Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes focusing on both GI (using the BJJ uniform) & No-Gi (without BJJ Uniform).
No-Gi classes primarily focus on techniques suitable for submission grappling or MMA (mixed martial arts) competition (such as the UFC). Our head instructor Denis Kelly is and experienced MMA Fighter & BJJ Competitor and was awarded his Black Belt in BJJ by Carlson Gracie Jr., one of the leading members of the Gracie family and a pioneer of the sport.


ACSA is the home of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne

  • General warm up, to loosen up muscles, increase range of motion and flexibility.
  • Technique demonstration. Trainer goes through a detailed explanation on how to perform each technique correctly.
  • Technique partnered drilling. Each week we focus on a different aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You will never get bored!
  • Classes finish with grappling sparring rounds, where students get to try and test the techniques they have learned in a safe and controlled environment.
  • NO SPARRING IN THE BEGINNER CLASSES, In the beginner classes we focus on the fundamentals and technique. We believe this is a more important skill set to develop for long term Martial Artists. The only sparring we do in these classes are positional sparring drills where you get to practise techniques with against a partner providing just the right amount of resistance.



Head BJJ Instructor Denis Kelly received his BJJ Black Belt in 2012 at the Carlson Gracie BJJ gym in London, the same gym where he first began his BJJ training 11 years earlier. He was awarded his belt by his original instructor Wilson Junior and also by Carlson Gracie Junior.

Our BJJ team is a part of the BJJ revolution international team which was founded by Rodrigo Medeiros and Julio Fernandez, both of whom were original students of Carlson Gracie Sr. BJJ Revolution is one of the leading BJJ organisations in the world with affiliates in Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia.
Similar to other traditional Martial arts, BJJ follows a belt grading system. Students start off as white belts in the Fundamental Classes learning the monthly curriculum. We have a fully graded system where one day you can grade to a higher rank or even a black belt. If you want to train at the home of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne, then give us a call today!