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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Practice Martial Arts

As a parent, you want to give your kids the best opportunities in life to succeed and are always looking to plant seeds of positivity that will help them grow into good people. From my perspective, there is almost nothing else more beneficial than letting them take part in learning martial arts. It is hard to just narrow it down to just 5 reasons, but here I have written down a list of reasons why kids should participate and learn a martial art and if you are a parent, then I hope it makes you consider offering your child to take the next step in what could become a lifelong passion and love of the martial arts.

✅ Building Confidence

Being a kid, the world can seem like a scary place sometimes and can make you feel powerless, but getting on the mat a few days a week, learning skills, and seeing the progress can change a kid’s life rapidly. Shy kids that were timid and scared turn into bright happy kids full of confidence that can’t wait for the next class. With confidence in themselves, they learn that they can do almost anything they want as long as they are confident and put effort into whatever they want to do.

✅ Being Part of a Community/Family

Growing up a kid needs to be in a positive atmosphere, where there are people that care about them and want them to succeed. In a gym or martial arts school, they not only learn self defense and confidence, but also get the chance to make lifelong friends and have adults that treat them like they are their own kids and love them too. Having that community and support behind them wanting them to succeed is priceless and will make them feel like they have a second family.

✅ Having Mentors

Anyone that has taught a martial arts class will tell you that you’re not only a coach or instructor, but you’re a mentor and a role model to those kids and a lot of them look up to you. A good instructor knows that they’re basically another parent to the kids they teach providing discipline and life lessons with the skills they teach. Kids need these type of people in their life to help them when they need guidance.

✅ Being Healthy

In an age where we’re all addicted to our phones it is especially important to keep kids mentally and physically active. If a kid is taught early it will be instilled in them how important it is for them to keep active and a martial arts class a few times a week can help them avoid preventable health problems later in life.

✅ Self Defence and Protection

Unfortunately this is a world where people want to harm others for whatever reason and bullying being more prevalent than ever learning to protect one’s self is a skill all kids must learn. We can’t prepare kids for every situation, but we can teach them to be ready and handle it the best they can. This doesn’t mean teaching a kid to hurt others, but rather to try and avoid conflicts and let them know that their personal space is theirs and there are consequences for those that want to do harm to them and not respect their space.

These are just five of many reasons why kids should be part of a martial art, but five really important reasons. A kid needs to lean respect for himself and others, while having the confidence to know they can try to do anything they want and having a safe place to learn a skill full of friends and positive people that are rooting for them to be the best person they can be.

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