COVID-19 Updates


In the event of a temporary closure due to COVID-19

In the interest of our community’s health and safety and in the event of a potential lockdown, we may have to temporarily close our doors at the Australian Combat Sports Academy until further notice some time soon.We are not aware of any members who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Our number one priority at Australian Combat Sports Academy has always been the health and safety of our members. We don’t know how long this possible closure will last but we will not be reopening the gym for regular training until the experts and government advise that it is safe.

Potential closure does mean that there will be significant financial difficulties for the gym and our team of coaches and staff. We understand that everyone in the community will be affected by the lockdown and we will NOT BE CHARGING MEMBERS during the closure period. Times will be tough for many but as Martial Artists we will overcome it and come back even stronger. During this closure period, Direct Debit members will be placed on hold and those who have paid yearly will be put on hold.

With that in mind we have come up with some ways that you can help support the gym, stay positive because this won’t last, maintain your training and health habits, and still see us every day. We will be releasing a series or online training videos with content for members to maintain their training at home. These online training videos will be FREE of charge for members. We want you to stay healthy and positive in these tough times.

During these times it will be a opportunity for personal growth and development. We are all going to face difficulties and hardships, so I encourage people to share your problems, ideas and experiences. Even though we may be faced with a temporary forced physical isolation, it doesn’t mean we have to go through it alone. We have a beautiful community or people who have always supported each other. Please reach out in our members’ Facebook group. Once this is all over we can all resume training again at our wonderful community.

If anyone is facing hardships in these times please reach out to me or our members. I am always here for my team and will do what I can to help.

In the meantime, we will continue updating you regularly through our Facebook group.

Kind regards Phillip

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